Bamboo Towels for Maximum Comfort when you Step out of the Shower.

While much of the country is digging out of snowbanks and trying to stay warm in sub-zero temperatures, here in south Texas we are definitely counting our blessings. It is a balmy 70 degrees, making me happy that I no longer reside in frigid Chicago. (Sorry, my Illinois friends!) One equalizer in the extreme weather patterns is the universal desire for softness and comfort. Due to their thermal regulating properties, luxury bamboo towels fit the bill for any climate. At Bamboo Sheets Online, we only offer the highest quality bamboo towels. (Check out great reviews of our .) They keep you cool when the temps are hot, and keep you warmer in cool weather. You might well ask how that is possible! There are actually a couple reasons for bamboo's ability to keep you warm, all of which have to do with the characteristics of the fibers themselves. Bamboo fabric is moisture wicking; in other words, it absorbs moisture. This wicks sweat away from the skin, allowing it to evaporate. The individual fibers have cross sections filled with micro-gaps. This gives bamboo fabric the ability to absorb 3-4 times more moisture than cotton. In the winter, this will help keep your body warm, since wet skin becomes cold skin very fast when the temperature is low.

Luxury bamboo towels also have a natural insulating property and those same micro-spaces or gaps will allow more air between the fabric and your skin. That will enable you sheets to warm you up quicker. Bamboo towels will stay 2-3 degrees cooler in warmer temperatures, and 2-3 degrees warmer in when it's cold. Bamboo towels not only allows for the body to breathe and let air flow naturally over and around you, but can keep in the warmth should the need arise. These towels provide the perfect balance of temperature while you sleep. For you cold climate dwellers, you can top off your comfy bamboo towels with a soft-as-silk bamboo blanket for added warmth to get you through those cold winter nights. Bamboo Sheets Online offers the best quality bamboo sheets, blankets and bedding available. Warm bamboo dreams...