Bamboo Coverlets for the Ultimate in Comfortable Sleep!

Are you are tired of paying high prices for high thread-count cotton sheets, only to find them stiff and scratchy? We finally gave up and switched - to bamboo sheets. What a difference! You can discount the thread-count at last; it simply is not relevant to luxury bamboo sheets. The nature of bamboo viscose fabrics is its incredible drape and soft touch. The softness and comfort only increase with each washing. The same is true for bamboo coverlets. There's no reason to stress of cotton thread counts for your coverlets anymore, switch to reliably soft bamboo.

When luxury bamboo coverlets first appeared on the market, the color choices were very limited. Price too was limited - as in very high. As more, and better manufacturers began offering bamboo coverlets, so too the incredible variety in color, quality and price. You can reasonably expect to pay just over $100 & up to $300 for a quality set of luxury bamboo coverlets. Sure there are less expensive sets out there, but buyer, beware! Some things we found with inferior bamboo coverlets were pilling, seams coming apart, irregular stitching & off-sizing. If it is comfort, quality and luxury you want, you are well advised to be leery of bargain basement coverlets of any kind. We love the great color palette offered by the better bamboo coverlet makers today. Luxury bamboo coverlets come in colors ranging from cayenne, and copper, to platinum, plum, and berry. If you favor lighter neutral colors, the varying shades of white, ivory, ecru, and champagne will be sure to please. Bamboo - it's what we're sleeping on!