Bamboo Women's Clothing and Pajamas

It's another cold, rainy day at the cabin, and I am snuggled in my bed enjoying the softness of my queen bamboo sheets and warmth of my bamboo & cotton blend blanket. I am planning a college roommate's reunion gathering for spring, 2015 and day dreaming of sunnier skies and at least a few degrees warmer. All the "girls" will be gathering here at the cabin and it should be a hoot! One of my old roommates however, has serious asthma and allergy issues which have prevented her from joining past gatherings. The guest bedroom can assure her comfort in that it the queen bamboo sheets are a natural for people with allergies and sensitivities. To ensure total sleeping comfort, I will also put on the 100% bamboo duvet cover as well. Also, I got her a set of fantastic bamboo pajamas like those pictured above. If you are wondering how this can help allergy and asthma sufferers, here's how: bamboo sheets are naturally resistant to dust mites and bed bugs. Due to the unique qualities of the Bamboo plant, the natural fibers created from bamboo retain some of the same qualities. All this is a plus for allergy sufferers and will hopefully ensure my allergy-suffering friend can make the spring break 2015 event! With two beds equipped with queen bamboo sheets and a guest cottage with twin, and full size bamboo sheets as well as bamboo bath towels, I think we are all set.