Buy the Best Bamboo Blanket for the Money Today!

Given the advantage of the supreme breathability and thermal regulating attributes of bamboo fiber blankets, they are a dream for a cool night's sleep on a hot summer night. The only thing better would be a complete bedroom ensemble of cool & breezy bamboo. The feel of silky soft blankets, topped with a matching light bamboo quilted coverlet, or bamboo duvet cover creates a good midsummer night's dreamscape.

Provided you're not sleeping outdoors in a tent, you may want to add a lightweight bamboo and cotton blend blanket to send you on your way to a soothing, comfortable night of sleep. Bamboo bedding is the ultimate in summer indulgences. For those who dislike anything heavy over them (especially in summer!), bamboo fiber sheets are incredibly lightweight, as are bamboo blankets and coverlets. Some of us still enjoy a summer-weight duvet even in this season, but cover it with a bamboo duvet cover and you will be outfitted for a lovely cool blast of indoor air conditioning, yet stay warm too. If a complete bed and bath ensemble delights you, try adding some towels sets that totally coordinate with your bamboo fiber sheets and bedding. Bamboo towels offer the same softness as bamboo sheets, but with the added strength and durability of a bamboo and cotton blend. The bamboo factor guarantees resistance to that common summer damp and mildew-y smell, as well as offering a faster drying time and better absorbency. The cotton blend adds a bit of resilience to the towels that help them hold up better than those 100% bamboo towels. Bamboo is a great choice for summer!