Bamboo Products for your Baby

Earth Day earlier this week has given us our annual reminder to care for our home planet. Though I try to be a responsible inhabitant, it is not always a day-to-day priority. Most of us are caught up in just living a life; keeping up, getting by, and if we are lucky, having a little fun along the way. One of my favorite Tee shirts has a saying on it; "good planets are hard to find". And indeed they are. The tee shirt was printed after the BP oil spill in the Gulf to remind us to treat our planet ...

...well. If you have a baby, then you are especially concerned about the damage current environmental practices can do to the environment. One small way you can help out is by using bamboo baby products. Bamboo is a great, environmentally friendly, pesticide free, renewable resources. We should take advantage of it as much as possible.