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Bamboo sheets are not all created equal. As word has spread about the incredible properties of luxury bamboo bed sheets, it seems you see them everywhere on the internet; along with a huge array of prices. Many very good review sites, such as the have sprung up just to review bamboo sheets, pillows, etc. In fact, they gave very positive reviews to both manufacturers, and that we work with. If it seems improbable that a $39 set of sheets could compare favorably to a $175 set, you would be right in thinking "no way!" Although you can opt for the $39 sheet set, what you end up with is most likely a far inferior product that may end up with split or unraveling seams, pilling, and discoloring within a few washings. Another downside of inferior sheets is they are sourced from environmentally and inhumane factories. While it is true that around 85% of all bamboo fabrics are made in China, (that's where most of the bamboo is!) there are responsible factories that certify their processing and respect human rights of their employees. You might do well to bear these factors in mind when shopping, particularly on line. How can you ensure you are getting quality bamboo sheets? Price can be an indicator, but also make sure you are shopping at a respectable website that offers more than a cheap price tag. At xy88880.com, the legwork has been done for you. Only luxury bamboo sheets are offered as well as a choice in price range; offering moderately priced bamboo sheets as well as a higher priced line. Both manufacturers represented are well known and have been in the luxury bamboo sheets business for a long time. Both are U.S. corporations that source their bamboo products from the very best in Chinese bamboo production facilities. Along with price choice, our luxury sheets come in more color options than most. Our Home Source brand is available in 14 different colors along with coordinating coverlets and shams. Our more moderately priced and great quality sheets are offered in 8 color choices as well as extended sizes, duvet covers, coverlets and shams. We personally try everything before we sell to the public and offer the buyer the best in class. Only the best bamboo sheets are what we're sleeping on!


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